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About Knowledgebase

(A Peer Collaboration Platform for Knowledge Sharing)

Statistics is a dynamic subject.  The scope and use of Statistics are increasing over years. SAARC nations are also not lagging behind and working in many developing areas of Official Statistics (e.g., Green Accounting, Disaster Risk Management Statistics, Time Use Statistics) which were unknown a few decades back. But the question is how to know us better in terms of functioning of their respective Statistical systems.  It is only through this platform of Knowledgebase, the SAARC nations could share their experience. Knowledgebase is nothing but a peer collaboration platform, which makes the “knowledge sharing” process more immediate and effective through value added contributions.

We therefore appeal to all SAARC Statistical offices to contribute inputs in this forum indicating the recent developmental activities in Statistics they have ventured. The inputs from SAARC nations may be sent to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics namely at pbs@pbs.gov.pk , who is maintaining this portal, for uploading.

Statistics deal in the multi-disciplinary areas and thus having knowledge in those areas (e.g., Gender, Trade in Services) vis-à-vis knowing the International developments is essential for all Statisticians. It is thus felt that we should take the opportunity to put some selected technical documents / papers published by ADB and other International bodies in this portal.

We have tried to put all above in this page but we have not stopped there. We have given some very useful links related to Knowledge sharing. In this connection, the subjects discussed in UNSC meetings or various manuals or reports published by UNSD are very important tools. We have provided such links.