Training Courses identified for SAARC nations

The SAARC-ADB Project TA 6512 REG made extensive study of the Training requirement of many SAAR nations and the report inter-alia suggested following Training courses. The project report was discussed before all Heads of National Statistical Offices in the 5th meeting held at Maldives during Nov 2012 and the same was approved.

1. Tier-I On-site Training Course at Bhutan and for similarly placed countries:

Course Titles:

  1. International and Regional Statistical System
  2. National Statistical System of SAARC nations
  3. Statistical Methods
  4. Sampling Distribution
  5. Theory of Sample Survey including field visit
  6. Prices Statistics and Index Numbers
  7. Concept and methodology for computation of National Income
  8. Population, Demography and Vital Statistics
  9. Fundamentals of Computer and presentation skill development
  10. Hands on SPSS / STATA package​​

2. Tier-II Long Term programme:

  1. Long term training on Official Statistics covering Core Statistics – through integration with ongoing Training Courses organized by NASA, India 

3. Tier-IIIa Short Term programme for middle level officers:

Course Titles:

  1. Merchandise Trade Statistics and Statistical data analysis with special reference to Trade data.
  2. Statistical Classifications
  3. Statistical data analysis with special reference to Population and Vital Statistics
  4. Statistical data analysis with special reference to Industrial Statistics
  5. Statistical data analysis with special reference to Gender Statistics
  6. Time series analysis and methods for Forecasting
  7. Data Quality management in Economic and Population Census
  8. Agricultural Statistics and method of making advanced estimates
  9. Macro-Economic theory and National Income
  10. Index of Industrial Production – recent recommendation of United Nations
  11. Theory of Sample Survey and organization of socio-economic sample surveys-this will include methods for conducting MICS.
  12. Report writing for Survey data
  13. Gender mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting and use of Gender Statistics for Policy analysis
  14. Statistics on Climate Change and Environment
  15. Natural Resource Accounting and Green GDP
  16. Time Use Statistics
  17. Feasibility study for computation of GDP for SAARC
  18. Micro data management and data dissemination
  19. Working on SPSS for advanced Statistical analysis
  20. Forecasting Techniques
  21. Small Area Estimation
  22. Poverty measurement and evaluation of PRS programme
  23. Geographical Information System (GIS) for use of Household mapping
  24. Concept of Informal sector and conduct of informal sector surveys

4. Tier-IIIb Short Term programme for Statistical Data:

Course Titles:

  1. Object oriented programming
  2. Computer Networking and RDBMS
  3. SQL Server and introduction to data-warehousing
  4. Large Scale survey data processing
  5. Geographical Information System (GIS)
  6. Working on SPSS / STATA for advanced Statistical analysis

5. Tier-IIIc Short Term programme for Senior Officers: 

Course Titles:

  1. Management Techniques and Human resource management
  2. Gender Statistics and Gender Budgeting
  3. Poverty measurement and evaluation of Poverty reduction programme
  4. Small Area Estimation
  5. Concept of Informal sector and conduct of informal sector surveys
  6. International Trade in Services (priority area)