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About on-line Trade database

Economic Cooperation being an important area of cooperation among SAARC Nations, it is extremely important to have a detailed Trade database consisting of merchandise Trade data for all the eight countries of the SAARC. This portal provides the facilities for user-friendly data mining. Six different inter-related databases have been developed internally. The detailed databases are on “Country by Commodity” at 6-digit of HS classification containing “quantity” and “value” of Trade. All value data are in Fob prices for exports and in Cif prices in US$ at current prices.

The data for the databases are to be provided by the countries. For this purpose, we have provided “country-interface” for uploading the data. Moreover, in order to maintain uniformity in uploading of data, standardized the structure of data files and that of “country codes” have been provided. These can be found under “Home” TAB.

With the help of this on-line database, one can go for data mining of Trade data of individual countries as well as aggregated data for the SAARC region as a whole. However, if the country data is found missing in the database, it will not be possible to get Trade data for the SAARC region as a whole. Thus, the success of this database is dependent on the cooperation of all eight countries of SAARC nations.

Since the Trade data could not be obtained from most of the countries under SAARC region within the time frame for development of SAARCSTAT portal, it was decided to make use of UNCOMTRADE Trade database. In this connection the assistances received from Asian Development Bank and UN Trade Division to make use of UNCOMTRADE database for downloading Trade data at 6-digit level of HS are gratefully acknowledged . Special mention may be made of Mr. Markie Muryawan of UN Trade Division, Mr. Cuong Nguyen and Ms. Elizabeth S. Tan of Asian Development Bank without whose support and keen interest, the Trade database of SAARCSTAT would have remained incomplete.

The on-line Trade database in the present form is a beginning, the ultimate aim is to develop “Trade data warehouse” with OLAP facility for the users of this portal.