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Sri Lanka

                       About Key-indicators included

The Key-indicators, in general, are derived Statistics based of certain selected Key parameters. The need for such comparable Key indicators according to common currency, format and units for SAARC nations was given emphasis from the inception of SAARCSTAT. Moreover, there is a need to have region-level data combining eight SAARC countries.Bringing out information on Key indicators of all SAARC nations along with region-wise data was a great challenge for incorporation in the SAARCSTAT portal development of which was taken in hand with assistance from ADB.

Statistical yearbooks of SAARC countries are not of much use to develop such Key-indicators according to common format. We have, therefore, taken the assistance of International on-line database from where information on relevant indicators along with many auxiliary datasets was downloaded for eight SAARC countries.

The on-line database is based on data reported by countries mostly.  In some cases they have made their own estimates following certain Statistical models. They have also provided projected data beyond 2013.

For computation of SAARC region-level data, multiple datasets were down-loaded as needed by Statistical formulae of the Key indicators. In majority cases the country data are not additive innature for computation of data for SAARC region as a whole.

The database of SAARCSTAT key indicators have been developed from 2000 to 2012 if not upto 2013 except for a few indicators where most recent data beyond 2010 are not available. The countries concerned may examine the correctness of information relating to their countries. They may correct them on-line using user-id and password.Although the Countries can modify or update the country-specific datasets through Country interface provided in the portal, it may be worthwhile to review and update database once in a year enmass.