SAARC Statistical Training Centre (SSTC)

Institutional arrangement for SAARCSTAT training:

  1. The SAARC-ADB Project TA 6512 REG inter-alia made a study on  Institutional arrangement for SAARCSTAT training in Statistics and the same was discussed extensively at a special meeting held at SAARC Sec. in 23rd June 2012. The study report got the approval at the 5th meeting of  Heads of Statistical Organisations held at Maldives during Nov 2012.
  2. At present most of the training programmes are organized at NASA, Uttar Pradesh, India. In view of easy availability of resource persons and also due to locational advantage, it was decided to have a regular Statistical Training Institute designated as SAARC Statistical Training Centre (SSTC) at Kolkata, India
  3. It was also decided that till a regular institution is set up, efforts should be made to organize Trainings using hired accommodation at Kolkata.